"Anyone reading Listen for the Mourning Dove, who, as I did, grew up in West Texas in the 50's, will hear the sounds, smell the smells, feel at home in the neighborhoods, and recognize people from that date and time as these vividly drawn characters live out a marvelous story of universal appeal that will be enjoyed by all readers."
— Dr. David Gregory, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I finished reading Listen for the Mourning Dove on a recent flight home.  Set right in my era, but in a different region and culture... I loved it!"
—Dick Fosbury, Sun Valley, Idaho

"This fine book gives us great insight into human nature and family relationships. When the author tells us how one family deals with tragedy in dusty, small-town Texas, U.S.A., the universality of her moving and bittersweet narrative will not only capture the hearts of readers here in Australia, but of readers worldwide."
— Pamela (Elle) Boers, Sydney, Australia

"I loved this book. At first, I thought: This is very good writing, but where's this going? Then I was blasted out of my chair and felt from then on inside the heart and mind of every character, good and bad.  A beautiful read." 
Karl Kruse, Columbia, Missouri

"I felt it was a combination of Harper Lee, Ellen Gilchrist, and Helen Hooven Santmyer...all mighty writers...now to be known as the F.C. Pearce style." 
— Polly Summar, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Interesting character development without excessive verbiage...enjoyable descriptive language that seems as sparse as color in the West Texas landscape in the summer."
— D.S., New Hampshire

"A beautiful story of life, its difficulties-both those we bring on ourselves and those that happen to us-and always, the power of love."
— Anna Mae Patterson, Taos, New Mexico

"Listen for the Mourning Dove is bloody awesome, and the most exciting new read I've had in decades!"
— Jack Wright, San Angelo, Texas

"This wonderful book compassionately conveys how the effects of one moment in time can ripple out to change so many lives. It will make you reflect on your own life, on your friends and family, and to never again underestimate their value."
— Nancy Newsom, Columbia, Missouri

"I was completely immersed in F.C. Pearce's engaging prose; for me, it had a flavor and flow as good as Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, and that's saying something. It was a great read."
— Robert Mathes, Gainesville, Georgia

"When I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down. It's a riveting, intriguing story made up of well-developed characters of depth who are involved in a unique story line. I quickly became emotionally invested in Cady and her father, and their story, in this very well-written book. Kudos to this first-time author. I can't wait for her next book."
Carol Beth Ford, Seattle, Washington

"F.C. Pearce's first novel is a thrilling and heart-warming narrative of events involving a family through the 1950s to 1990s in rural West Texas, during an era when the song of the mourning dove could evoke memories of a time when family values, honesty, and promises really meant something. A good read."
 — Christopher Wyndham, Adelaide, Australia

"This novel is a compelling, gripping, page-turner of universal traits: love, loss, trust, hope, deception, pain, loneliness, compassion, regret, faith. Comparisons to one's life are numerous and reflective. Highly recommended."
— Betty Timlen, Santa Fe, New Mexico