F.C. hard at work on her new novel.

F.C. hard at work on her new novel.

OF NOTE: A shout out to Seattle's award-winning producer/narrator, Curt Simmons, who just got a rave review for his latest book narration. His smooth baritone has now brought eight books to life. He comes to the high-growth audio book world with an MA in Theater Arts and years of experience in radio and theater. He's currently in rehearsal for his role in a production of Neil Simon's California Suite and if an audio version of LFTMD becomes an option, we'd be lucky to work with Curt!

UPDATES: Santa Fe summers are rarely anything but magical and the only thing lacking this summer, as in the last seven, is getting enough of that liquid gold called water to keep flora, fauna, and human adequately hydrated! Otherwise, it's been a good summer full of happy visitors, cool mountain nights...and fits and starts in writing the sequel to LFTMD.

Those fits and starts seem to mirror the ones I make in setting the best course to navigate the tricky waters of a complicated and important relationship or event in my life while grappling with those confounded knot-in-the-gut doubts that can conspire to steer me wrong! can imitate life as well!

Tune in for the next word sometime in autumn and, as always, thanks for your interest. Meantime? How 'bout that partial or total eclipse wherever you'll be?! The next in the U.S. comes April 8, 2024.  It's on my future those things go; you know, the best laid plans...