It's An Exciting Time!

Typing away...

Typing away...

Happy Easter! I hope it's been as beautiful a day weather-wise wherever you are as it's been here in Santa Fe with calm winds and warm sun. The sweet fragrance of lilacs fills the mountain air and the birds are nesting away. Sweet time.

I'm happy to report the announcement on April 12 that Listen for the Mourning Dove (LFTMD) took the silver medal for Best Southern Fiction in the 2017 IPPY Awards! It was a big surprise and a wonderful one. I'll be in New York next month for the awards ceremony and am looking forward to meeting not only the other two winners (gold and bronze) in my category, but all the other winning authors and publishers who'll be there from across America and abroad. I'll report in how it all goes. I'm also planning to attend one day of the BookExpo America at the Javits Center the following day to do some networking before heading back to the Land of Enchantment to continue work on the sequel to LFTMD.

In the meantime, I know I'm making progress with the new work, hitting my stride, when the flutters begin in my stomach as the story becomes more and more alive in my head, heart, and hands. That's a growing proposition. Good sign.

I'm planning to post a blog entry here on this page at least once a month. I think you can count on seeing something from me again the first part of June after I return from NYC. Until then, thanks for checking in and have happy, boulder-free trails! FCP