A Little About Where I Am With My New Novel

Good day! Every now and then I'm going to muse here a little about my writing experience with my novel in the works. I got up this morning doing the same thing I do every morning: thinking about everything from what subject matter I want to cover, where characters will appear, where I want to place events, and whether in the final analysis Chapter 1 will start with a, b, or c concept, etc.

I want to thank you for being interested in when this second book will be out. Truth is, I don't know, but I'm shooting for sometime in 2017. I'm still in the throes of writing the story, and then there's much more to do: the editing process (exhaustive), the design (cover and interior), and the publishing (multi-layered).

As many of you know, my debut novel, Listen for the Mourning Dove (LFTMD), took a full 7 years to write and produce! I have no intention of taking that long to complete the process on this one in case you're wincing and gritting your teeth, like I do, at the very thought!

I resist the urge to worry about comparisons to LFTMD, but I guess worrying about that sort of thing's natural. I'll share my thoughts,  ideas, and experiences as I go forward.  If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me at pearcesantafe@gmail.com

Okay then, back to the drawing board...Oh, and I'll let you know what the "working title" (the final title might be different) of the new book is when I decide on it from a short list of titles I'm considering. Take care and check back!

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