Book Signings and Front Page Review By Columnist Rick Smith

April 9, 2016 from Santa Fe
I'm happy to report that the book signings in Texas on March 25 and 26 were a success! It was great to see old friends and to meet new ones at these events! I want to thank all the fine folks who came to the signings and to extend special thanks to my very good friend since college days, Nancy Newsom, who traveled from Missouri to assist me. It was great fun, Nancy! I also thank the following people:
Carlos at River Terrace for arranging the Pearl Room so well; Stan and Gayle Bickel, and Sue Morrish at Bickel and Company in Ballinger for their hospitality and for creating a great space for the signing there (the mimosas were an extra added treat as were Susan Mansell's refrigerator cookies!); Artist Susan Mansell for her help with the Ballinger event and for attending with her family; Elizabeth O'Connor for her interest in the Ballinger event; my old friends Susan and Bub Williams for their warm hospitality in their charming San Angelo home, for all their leg work, for the delicious lunch at Riverview, and for the rose bouquets that were placed on the tables; Ellen Brown for loaning her considerable PR flair to the event; life-long family friends Mary and Alison Sykes for their hospitality in their lovely Ballinger home; and San Angelo's Chicken Farm Art Center for giving the book some good press on their email list-serve.
I'm thrilled that Rick Smith, popular and beloved Texas columnist, arranged time to read the book and to include a review of it in his front page column on March 18. Thanks also to KSAN TV for their coverage, KRUN radio in Ballinger for theirs, and to Celinda Hawkins, Managing Editor of The Ballinger Ledger, for her great article.
P.S. And lucky, lucky me--entertainment writer and critic emeritus, Lane Crockett, who gave me a solid endorsement on my book back, was visiting the area and stopped by the Ballinger signing! He treated me to Chinese after (I know...who whoulda thought pot stickers instead of chicken fries? Times they are a'changin')! Thanks, Lane!

And to you readers, many thanks for your interest and for dropping by this blog!


At the Ballinger signing, Bickel and Company, on March 26, 2016.


Left to right:
Author F.C. Pearce and friends, Ann Wright Hodge, Susan Mansell, Nancy Newsom.

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