It’s been a while, a year in fact, since I posted news in my writing world. I intended to be better at posting, but we all know about intentions… First I’d like to say that I hope this update finds us all well, content, and poised to have a bountiful Thanksgiving and holiday season whether alone or with our 2 or 4-legged family and friends.

THIS YEAR: returned me to the wild Oregon Coast after many years, and took me on a long-hoped-for trip to Cuba. For this New Mexico desert/mountain dweller, the waters of both brought relief! If you read Listen for the Mourning Dove, you’ll discover that one of the novel’s characters, Renata, had spent time in Pre-Revolution Havana at the Hotel Nacional—so it was a thrill for me to visit the hotel my first night in Havana to bring my novel to life for that moment in time. Sitting on the wide, back veranda looking down the long lawn atop the Malecon to the sea was perfect. I promised myself to always remember the way the Caribbean’s breeze felt across my face that night… and to also remember the sound of the mighty Pacific waves crashing onto the rocks at Yachats, Oregon. I sigh with pleasure remembering both… a pleasure akin, I’d say, to that of being in love!

Along the Oregon Coast

Along the Oregon Coast

Hotel Nacional veranda, Havana

Hotel Nacional veranda, Havana


Listen for the Mourning Dove has enjoyed a nice following and a couple of national book awards since its publication, and has garnered attention from a very fine literary agency in New York. When the companion piece (sequel) to LFTMD is complete, I’m invited to send it on. And when will that be? Well… I can’t say with certainty since the creative process has a mind of its own. Try as I’d like, I can’t rush it, manipulate it to conform to my timeline, or chain the muse to my computer! Being impatient, self-critical, and forever persnickety increases the challenge! I will say that I’ve written a good bit of the book and have mapped-out where I’m going with it (that I’ve got some say about). So when the “elusive moment” comes, the book will blessedly make its way to the bookstores. Until then, thank you for your continued interest and support. It’s more important than you know. And lucky me… David Fisher, great guy and 22-time NYTimes best-selling author, has graciously offered his knowledge and support to a newbie novelist like me. What a gift that is. Thank you, David.

AUDIO BOOK UPDATE: The audio version of Listen for the Mourning Dove continues production. We’re excited about it and are looking forward to announcing its availability in the not-too-distant future. Hearing the dove call and the music of the book as it’s read is terrific!

MEANTIME: there remains (thankfully) a steady flow of energy from all quarters including, pictured here, this great book club in Santa Fe that invited me to attend their discussion of Listen for the Mourning Dove recently. Special thanks to Jayne Cotten who chose my book for the club when it came her turn. The book club members shared their astute observations of the book in a lively, interesting discussion. I loved meeting this smart bunch of women… and learning from them. Thank you, ladies!

Santa Fe Book Club

Santa Fe Book Club



F.C. hard at work on her new novel.

F.C. hard at work on her new novel.

OF NOTE: A shout out to Seattle's award-winning producer/narrator, Curt Simmons, who just got a rave review for his latest book narration. His smooth baritone has now brought eight books to life. He comes to the high-growth audio book world with an MA in Theater Arts and years of experience in radio and theater. He's currently in rehearsal for his role in a production of Neil Simon's California Suite and if an audio version of LFTMD becomes an option, we'd be lucky to work with Curt!

UPDATES: Santa Fe summers are rarely anything but magical and the only thing lacking this summer, as in the last seven, is getting enough of that liquid gold called water to keep flora, fauna, and human adequately hydrated! Otherwise, it's been a good summer full of happy visitors, cool mountain nights...and fits and starts in writing the sequel to LFTMD.

Those fits and starts seem to mirror the ones I make in setting the best course to navigate the tricky waters of a complicated and important relationship or event in my life while grappling with those confounded knot-in-the-gut doubts that can conspire to steer me wrong! can imitate life as well!

Tune in for the next word sometime in autumn and, as always, thanks for your interest. Meantime? How 'bout that partial or total eclipse wherever you'll be?! The next in the U.S. comes April 8, 2024.  It's on my future those things go; you know, the best laid plans...

It's An Exciting Time!

Typing away...

Typing away...

Happy Easter! I hope it's been as beautiful a day weather-wise wherever you are as it's been here in Santa Fe with calm winds and warm sun. The sweet fragrance of lilacs fills the mountain air and the birds are nesting away. Sweet time.

I'm happy to report the announcement on April 12 that Listen for the Mourning Dove (LFTMD) took the silver medal for Best Southern Fiction in the 2017 IPPY Awards! It was a big surprise and a wonderful one. I'll be in New York next month for the awards ceremony and am looking forward to meeting not only the other two winners (gold and bronze) in my category, but all the other winning authors and publishers who'll be there from across America and abroad. I'll report in how it all goes. I'm also planning to attend one day of the BookExpo America at the Javits Center the following day to do some networking before heading back to the Land of Enchantment to continue work on the sequel to LFTMD.

In the meantime, I know I'm making progress with the new work, hitting my stride, when the flutters begin in my stomach as the story becomes more and more alive in my head, heart, and hands. That's a growing proposition. Good sign.

I'm planning to post a blog entry here on this page at least once a month. I think you can count on seeing something from me again the first part of June after I return from NYC. Until then, thanks for checking in and have happy, boulder-free trails! FCP

A Little About Where I Am With My New Novel

Good day! Every now and then I'm going to muse here a little about my writing experience with my novel in the works. I got up this morning doing the same thing I do every morning: thinking about everything from what subject matter I want to cover, where characters will appear, where I want to place events, and whether in the final analysis Chapter 1 will start with a, b, or c concept, etc.

I want to thank you for being interested in when this second book will be out. Truth is, I don't know, but I'm shooting for sometime in 2017. I'm still in the throes of writing the story, and then there's much more to do: the editing process (exhaustive), the design (cover and interior), and the publishing (multi-layered).

As many of you know, my debut novel, Listen for the Mourning Dove (LFTMD), took a full 7 years to write and produce! I have no intention of taking that long to complete the process on this one in case you're wincing and gritting your teeth, like I do, at the very thought!

I resist the urge to worry about comparisons to LFTMD, but I guess worrying about that sort of thing's natural. I'll share my thoughts,  ideas, and experiences as I go forward.  If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me at

Okay then, back to the drawing board...Oh, and I'll let you know what the "working title" (the final title might be different) of the new book is when I decide on it from a short list of titles I'm considering. Take care and check back!

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Book Signings and Front Page Review By Columnist Rick Smith

April 9, 2016 from Santa Fe
I'm happy to report that the book signings in Texas on March 25 and 26 were a success! It was great to see old friends and to meet new ones at these events! I want to thank all the fine folks who came to the signings and to extend special thanks to my very good friend since college days, Nancy Newsom, who traveled from Missouri to assist me. It was great fun, Nancy! I also thank the following people:
Carlos at River Terrace for arranging the Pearl Room so well; Stan and Gayle Bickel, and Sue Morrish at Bickel and Company in Ballinger for their hospitality and for creating a great space for the signing there (the mimosas were an extra added treat as were Susan Mansell's refrigerator cookies!); Artist Susan Mansell for her help with the Ballinger event and for attending with her family; Elizabeth O'Connor for her interest in the Ballinger event; my old friends Susan and Bub Williams for their warm hospitality in their charming San Angelo home, for all their leg work, for the delicious lunch at Riverview, and for the rose bouquets that were placed on the tables; Ellen Brown for loaning her considerable PR flair to the event; life-long family friends Mary and Alison Sykes for their hospitality in their lovely Ballinger home; and San Angelo's Chicken Farm Art Center for giving the book some good press on their email list-serve.
I'm thrilled that Rick Smith, popular and beloved Texas columnist, arranged time to read the book and to include a review of it in his front page column on March 18. Thanks also to KSAN TV for their coverage, KRUN radio in Ballinger for theirs, and to Celinda Hawkins, Managing Editor of The Ballinger Ledger, for her great article.
P.S. And lucky, lucky me--entertainment writer and critic emeritus, Lane Crockett, who gave me a solid endorsement on my book back, was visiting the area and stopped by the Ballinger signing! He treated me to Chinese after (I know...who whoulda thought pot stickers instead of chicken fries? Times they are a'changin')! Thanks, Lane!

And to you readers, many thanks for your interest and for dropping by this blog!


At the Ballinger signing, Bickel and Company, on March 26, 2016.


Left to right:
Author F.C. Pearce and friends, Ann Wright Hodge, Susan Mansell, Nancy Newsom.

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